Clémence and Laetitia have always been inseparable as best friends, having the shared goal of one day bringing their special bond into business together. With their combined experience on the rugby field paired with a fresh diploma from the HEC business school of Paris, they decided to launch Révèle: the first brand dedicated to women in contact sports. Their goal? To provide athletes with the means to finally practice their sport in the best conditions!

The next to join the team was Jennah, our Creative Director, to work on the creation of products and branding. Having graduated from ESMOD Paris, she brings an artistic and international touch to Révèle. No doubt the style and design asset to our team!

Brought together by our drive, our complicity (our humour) and our dedication to female athletes who we genuinely feel we can relate to, the three of us have made it our mission to bring change to the world of contact sports. We want overcome the pre-existing stereotypes, create value for women in all of their diversity, and back a new vision of femininity for the women in sports.

Laetitia Pingel


Sports : Rugby, athletics

Nickname : The Pitbull, Lati

Specificity : Can leg press 160kg (with one leg)

Favorite products : Revelia and Red Thermo Zipup

Clémence Fabre


Sports : Rugby, Judo

Nickname : The Swiss Army Knife, Death Elbow

Specificity : The nicest mom in the world, but Tiger Mom if anyone annoys her team

Favorite Products : Revelia and Blue Compression Legging

Jennah Meyer

Creative Director

Sports : Boxing, football (well “soccer”)

Nickname : Mushu

Specificity: American, she has the cutest French accent in the world

Favorite products : Revelia and Baselayer


Joanna Wakefield-Scurr
Professor in Biomechanics – Head of Research at the “Breast Health Institute”, University of Portsmouth
Benjamin Degasne
Founder of “Soft Materials Engineering”, R&D Engineer in technical textiles and flexible materials
Tim Blackmore
Docteur in the Department of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Portsmouth


Révèle is a brand created to provide women athletes with the proper equipment to practice their contact sport in the best possible conditions. These athletes are strong and passionate, yet they still struggle to find their gear, left to search in the men’s or children’s department as anything decently form-fitting is practically non-existent and let’s not even talk about protection…


With our incredible team of designers, biomechanics, and textile engineers, we are developing and creating technical equipment to answer the needs of our fellow female athletes in the world of contact sports (rugby, boxing, handball, karate, roller derby, etc). We are looking forward with a strong objective to revolutionize the standards for these athletes by creating products specific to women.


We love women athletes. We admire your strength, your courage, your character, and your beauty.

We believe that women and young women should have the means to engage in the sport of their choice without being told they are too big, too small, too muscular, to feminine, not strong enough…

We support you, your determination, your drive and this reflects in our resolution to create the best possible equipment for you.

We place in our hearts a sincere determination with our entire reserve of energy at your service. We want to present your reality, your truth, your authenticity and create with you a bond that goes beyond just “creating your equipment”.

Because let’s be honest, putting on the same jerseys doesn’t necessarily make a team and having an opponent doesn’t necessarily make you enemies. We’re still a collection of individuals until we find a common goal. The bond between a team is stronger than what appears on the surface level, it is a connection that lasts a lifetime.

You are our great inspiration, the source of our energy for this movement. Revele is our way of proving it to you.