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This is the end.

Today marks the end of our incredible adventure at Révèle after 3 intense years.

It all began in 2016 when we realized that, as rugbywomen, we had been forced for years to buy our equipment in men’s or junior’s aisles and nothing was changing. On top of that, 20 million women and young girls were facing the exact same problem when practicing contact sports (boxing, roller derby, martial arts, soccer, etc.) that were considered “traditionally male sports”.

And we’re not talking only about style. It’s about safety and protection. To dive into the subject, we launched the world’s first medical study on the impact of shocks on the breasts with the Breast Health Institute (Portsmouth, UK) and we learned that female athletes face irreversible chest injuries due to a lack of appropriate equipment (morphology, material, etc.)

That’s how our ambitions and dreams for Révèle were born.

We aimed at raising awareness on this issue and ensuring safe practice conditions for athletes by protecting them and allowing them to take back control of their bodies.

We fought to destroy stereotypes and to reshape the preconceived ideas of what “women in contact sports are”; to show those athletes in their beauty, their diversity, their strength, their uniqueness, far from what the media and brands often depict.

We aspired to build Révèle as a reference tool and a global innovative brand engineering products that answered medical and social issues.

It has been a hell of a 3-year journey in which we sometimes had to move mountains!

We launched the first study about the impact on breasts and then engineered “Revelia”, a groundbreaking piece of chest protection equipment. We protected thousands of athletes, of all ages, everywhere in the world. We reassured women, athletes, parents, young girls, and more.

Unfortunately, we are now unable to keep developing Révèle alone. We have to find a new way forward for Révèle: a buyer or a brand to partner with.

We cannot but stress that the gap between medical & social issues that we sought to solve still exists. Because of the associated media coverage and the financial means available in contact sports there are many challenges that still need to be addressed to start building a better and fairer world for female athletes.


Self-improvement, boldness, humility and generosity lead our adventure at Révèle. Those values resonate in our lives today the same way they did on the field a few years ago.

The first step to our legacy will be to disclose on our website the amazing testimonials we received, over the years, regarding Révèle and our incredible sporting moments and our amazing products. If you wish to share something as well, or to help us, feel free to answer here, or on our social media accounts, or via email at .


To end on a bright note, people often tell us that we accomplished what they thought “impossible”.  We would like to remind you that this “impossible” has been made possible thanks to the support of athletes and also our ambassadors, our amazing team, our clients, and every person who believed in us and in Révèle.


Dare the impossible

(and be ready for more)


Laetitia & Clémence

And also: Jennah, Camille, Pauline, Clara, Audrey, Stéphanie, Benjamin, Lisa, Marion, Phébée, Victor, Martino,...



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