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Lina Guerin - "Every game is a physical and mental challenge"

Lina Guerin Revele


The flashing of the photographer's flashes is cinematic. In front of the camera, smiling, is Lina Guérin. Backstage at the studio for our photoshoot of our chest protection, the Revelia, Lina is telling it all. Sharing the love she has for Sevens rugby, to her favorite moments and of course her best advice! We are getting raw and real with Lina.

Training in Marcoussis, Lina Guerin began playing rugby at 20 years old learning and developing her skills from some of the best rugby has to offer in France. She turned quickly to Sevens rugby (a variant of rugby in which teams are made up of seven players playing seven minute halves) and fell in love with the new discipline… and hasn't stopped since...


 Why sevens rugby ?

"I prefer to play Sevens. XV rugby was too dull and having played back, I found the game simply too long. I am impatient! When I got a taste of Sevens rugby, the contrast was extreme. You start with warm-ups, then go directly into matches all. day. long. Playing Sevens is challenging. After every game, you have to refocus and reboot for the next one, really pushing yourself mentally and physically. It truly goes to show how far you can reach when you're pushed beyond your previous limitations. And on the field, you find yourself anywhere and everywhere, no matter your position: you find yourself playing forward, back, center. More importantly, in 7s, you must know how to play anywhere."

Hong Kong, an unforgettable memory

Lina Guerin now plays with the National French Rugby Sevens. Wearing her nation's pride literally on her sleeve, she travels the world, creating unforgettable memories with each new match and destination.

Sevens France Team Picture

Hong Kong Tournament will always remain as one of her most remarkable memories. The details may be fading, but the pure adrenaline of playing in a packed stadium for the final is unforgettable. "The crowd was so loud we could barely hear each other on the field. It was incredible and pure magic."

The Olympic Qualification was an extraordinary page in Lina's memories playing for France. The Kitakyushu Tournament (where the French Sevens reached the Finale) is without a doubt in the same chapter. "In reality, the hardest game to win is the semi-finale. The finale is like every other game. But when you win the semi, you cannot even begin to realise the scope of it all: it was Fanny Horta that finally said: We are in the Final!"

“We work for the future players.”

Lina Guerin Fanny Horta Shannon Izar Revelia


When we say rugby, we mean values. And the value that the players cherish today is solidarity. Today, women's rugby without a doubt lives in the shadow of the men's teams. It may be a challenge, but not one these girls can't handle. They are doing everything possible to help promote change and create room for progressive mentalities for the future generations of women's rugby. “We are seeing the results. Maybe with this positive support, we will reach equality.”

Despite the politics, these female players choose to keeping moving forward. And Lina Guerin went all the way by choosing to turn what was once a passion, into her full-time job. For Lina, there is no half-assing it. You must commit 100%, even during the most grueling moments when the temptation to quit comes knocking. “Every training session is important, even the small details. Sometimes, it is 10°F, your legs are giving out, your arms feel like lead and yeah, it's not always easy.” Even more so, each week is unique from the other, there is no room for familiar routine on the path to conditioning strong, creative and able pro-athletes. Every training session is designed to push athletes further mentally and physically. No matter the struggle, Lina believes, “if you are passionate, give it everything you've got, every single time”.

Lina's emphasis on passion holds strong meaning for our entire team here at Révèle. To be passionate for your sport, the athletes in them, and to be driven by an ultimate goal. For us, it's all about creating the best-adapted equipment for female athletes, and giving everything we got towards changing the preconceived stereotypes about women in contact sports. We want to overcome notions of prejudice, all while showing the beauty and strength of our athletes! We are honored to have Lina wear and enjoy our chest protection on a daily basis. : “The Revelia is exactly what I have been waiting for in Women’s Rugby ! Short, light, easy to wash, soft. It's definitely coming with me to all of my worldwide 7s games and tournaments.”

Wanna discover more of the buzz around our chest protection? Check out The Revelia, and all of our customer reviews ! 




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