Contact sports reveal who we truly are. Whether it’s rugby, boxing, roller derby, martial arts, or handball our passion for sport unites us all.

For years, we have struggled to find proper gear leaving us with no choice but to purchase products from either the men’s or children’s department. 95% of women in contact sports claim to have experienced bruising or pain on the chest during competition. Those injuries can lead to irreversible trauma.

That’s why we engineer products that are highly technical, comfortable, and properly adapted for women in contact sports. Our Revelia, a second-skin bust protection, is the first to showcase from our contactwear collection and will be available for purchase soon.


We have dedicated ourselves to creating the proper training gear to accompany you head on during challenges you face in the ring, on the field, on the mats, or in the gym. Our intention? To elevate your game through specific products designed to maximize comfort, satisfaction, and of course style! We are your #1 fans.


We are a movement. United as a team.

You are our inspiration.


Contact is in Revele’s DNA. We know what it’s like to take a hit, a blow, a tackle. We also know the risk, which is why we work hard to develop products to reduce trauma on your body allowing you to give it your absolute 200% with the confidence to set new goals. The Revelia, the first protection from our contactwear collection, was inspired by you and designed for you.

REV-TECH stems from 3 major focuses: engineering through collaborations with athletes and associated research, excellence in materials, and strong innovation.