Designed and imagined with a collaboration of athletes, each product has been constructed carefully through cut, design, technology and function to respond to 3 principal objectives :

IMPROVING protection in the face of contact and impact


EMPHASIZING the shape of women bodies

To complete the technical training collection, Revele designed and developed its first product focusing on protection for women : the « Revelia ».

The Revelia is a bust protection, entirely adapted for the female form, covering the breast and shoulder areas.


With the results of our research study, we were able to determine the zones most vulnerable to impact as well as the frequently contacted. The construction of the Revelia is a key marriage of optimal placement of protection for each zone, paired with the efficiency of our XRD Technology for shock absorption. The design is elevated further through the integration of our technical fabrics that allow for maximum comfort and resistance.

Jo Face & Arrow

Joanna Scurr  

Professor in Biomechanics, leader and Head of the Research Group in Breast Health, University of Portsmouth

With the support of the university of Portsmouth and the expertise of Joanna Scurr’s team, we have initiated the world’s first research study on the impacts of shocks on breasts experienced during MMA combat (mixed martial arts) Official research study results publication to be released 2017.


XRD® Extreme Impact Protection associates their latest innovations with the best potential design. This particular XRD material, while soft and flexible, is able to withstand the strongest of impacts.

XRD® Technology has a reputation for it’s light, thin, and breathable qualities and was developed to absorb repetitive impacts at a high velocity. Today, this material holds a reputation for best performance in nearly 90% energy absorption after impact (measures from ASTM-F1624-C). Principally used for motorcyclists, extreme sports, and dangerous professions, it’s efficiency proves to be the best material available for today’s market.


Essentially, XRD® Material gets its softness when at rest while above the “glass transition temperature” (Tg) of the urethane molecules. When stressed at a high rate or impacted quickly, the Tg of the material reaches the point when the urethane momentarily « freezes » – like water freezing into ice. When this happens, the material firms to form a comfortable protective shell that shields the body from impact.


REVELIA shock absorption technology for performance

For the development of the Revellion, we engineered an encapsulation method with our XRD Technology to ensure a « seamless » finishing for the breast protection zone. This seamless feature prevents deterioration, potential rips, elevates comfort, and prevents irritation on the skin.

The Revelia and our collection of training products represent a devotion of repeated amelioration of our patterns and cut to create the ultimate fit for our athletes. The training products are your partners for higher performance through a « second skin » of protection.


We source our fabrics and materials in the best European facilities (France and Italy). We choose them for their outstanding qualities in resistance, breathability, compression, and opacity. The Revelia is made from an incredible polyamide Ecologically responsible, recycled fabric.